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Lance Beading Needle - Size 10 (pack of 25)

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Our Price: $4.99  

Product Code: LNCE-10

Beading needles are very fine, long needles used for bead work, and for sewing sequins onto fine fabrics. Ideal for beading and bead embroidery. Flexible and strong. Carefully crafted of carbon steel and fully nickel plated. Use these for very fine work using small seed beds or to sew sequins onto fine fabrics. Why Use Beading Needle? Beading Needles are typically thin needles with narrow eyes and range in size from 10 (thicker) through 15 (thinnest). Size 10, 12, and 13 fit the popular 11/0 seed bead (and more). Size 15 will fit the smaller 15/0 seed beads and some of the antique tiny bea ... Read more

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