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Gemworld 10pc Burr Kit

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Our Price: $14.99  

Product Code: 302-BUR-10P

Handy pack containing diamond burrs shapes: Flame, Point, Ball, Cutting Disc, Torch, Bud, Cylinder, Sharp and Inverted Trapezoid. The recommended speeds are 10,000 rpm for the cutting off wheels, 15,000 rpm for the larger burrs and up to 25,000 rpm for the smaller burrs. Use with water. Shank diameter- 2.34mm. Total length- 45mm. Perfect for carving, grinding and engraving work on mild and hardened metals & alloys, precious metals, gemstones, glass, plastics and ceramics. Used in conjunction with a pendant drill, hobby drill, rotary tool or micromotor to cut or grind away, shape or give patte ... Read more

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